Mold Hardener

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Mold Hardener Mold Hardener
Grade: none
Ingredient for making upper garment tools. Can also be sold at ordinary shops.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 23000
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x10Recipe: Maestro HolderRecipe: Maestro Holder
x20Recipe: Craftsman MoldRecipe: Craftsman Mold
x10Recipe: Warsmith's Mold(100%)Recipe: Warsmith's Mold(100%)

* Alpen Cougar6922.7%
* Magma Drake8521/126
* Imperial Commander8121/133
* Necromancer of Destruction8121/159
* Magma Golem8121/163
* Scarlet Stakato Walker7821/190
* Imperial Commander8121/207
* Messenger Invader Soldier8521/209
Messenger Invader Disciple8321/228
* Platinum Guardian Prefect7421/236
* Sepulcher Preacher7221/252
Prophet's Aide8621/254
Offering Bug7921/260
* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier4521/282
* Lesser Ancient Soldier7321/285
Nephilim Scout6621/293
Messenger Invader Martyrs8021/307
* Eye of Watchman7321/318
* Varka Silenos Scout7821/338
Lilim Assassin6621/342
* Buffalo Slave7221/353
* Grazing Kookaburra7921/411
* Dark Omen Invader Magus7521/419
* Grazing Kookaburra7721/434
* Varka Silenos Footman7721/461
* Platinum Tribe Archer6821/465
* Slaughter Bathin6321/611
Splinter Stakato Drone7021/631
* Judge of Splendor6721/632
* Purgatory Invader Magus5521/655
Treasure Chest8121/704
Vampire Soldier7121/722
Bathin's Wizard6221/747
* Raider of Pastureland6821/814
Page of Pilgrim6221/883
Alpen Kookaburra6521/947
Treasure Chest7521/999
Frenzy Stakato Soldier6821/1001
Alpen Buffalo6721/1055
Alpen Buffalo6721/1055
Kaim Vanul5121/1076
* Falibati6421/1346
* Grendel7121/1422
* Grendel7121/1422
* Grendel7121/1422
Kaim Vanul5121/1522
Cave Servant Warrior4821/1595
* Grendel7121/2024
Kaim Vanul5121/2066
Alpen Kookaburra6521/2915
Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7521/4484
Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6521/5263
* Tomb Preacher7718.2%
* Alpen Cougar6918.2%
Bound Warrior7215.4%
* Hallate's Follower Mul6814.5%
* Alpen Kookaburra6514.3%
Nephilim Priest5113.6%
Lilim Magus5113.3%
Past Creature7612.4%
* Lava Wyrm7012.1%
Alpen Cougar6912.1%
Seer of Blood8211.7%
Executor of Sacrificial Offerings8011.3%
* Seal Archangel7511.1%
* Elder Lavasaurus8311/106
Guide of Offering8011/109
* Ashuras of Destruction8411/132
* Guardian Angel7211/137
* Iblis of Destruction8211/140
* Ashuras of Destruction8411/144
* Dark Omen Invader Warrior7311/159
* Lavasaurus7911/167
* Ketra Commander8111/169
Nephilim Commander8011/184
Lilim Court Knight8011/184
* Disciples of Punishment7511/192
Nephilim Praetorian7211/193
Lilim Knight Captain7211/193
* Disciples of Punishment7511/200
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6511/209
* Eye of Ruler7411/210
Assassin of Empire8111/213
* Grendel Slave7411/213
Assassin of Empire8111/215
* Platinum Tribe Overlord7111/218
* Varka Silenos Medium8111/230
* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier4511/231
* Guardian Spirit of Ancient Holy Ground7911/234
* Forbidden Path Invader Warrior6311/256
* Varka Silenos General8411/261
* Sepulcher Preacher7711/261
* Platinum Guardian Warrior7211/263
* Ketra Orc Lieutenant8011/266
* Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier5011/266
Disciple of Prophet8611/267
* Ketra Orc Grand Seer8511/267
* Varka's Head Magus8511/268
* Ketra Orc Raider7811/272
Eye of Pilgrim7411/290
* Varka Silenos Officer8211/293
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6011/297
Carrion Scarab7811/306
* Ketra's War Hound7711/310
Lilim Knight6311/311
Carrion Scarab7811/314
* Canyon Bandersnatch7011/314
* Grazing Elder Buffalo8311/317
* Dark Omen Invader Soldier7511/319
* Malruk Berserker6711/324
Sepulcher Guard7011/328
* Platinum Guardian Archer7111/338
* Bloody Guardian7511/343
* Malruk Knight6611/343
Ketra Elite Guard8011/349
* Varka Silenos Warrior8011/361
Dark Omen Invader Disciple7311/362
Nephilim Centurion6311/362
* Purgatory Liviona7111/363
* Homunculus7311/367
* Malruk Lord6811/369
* Hallate's Inspector6811/370
* Power Angel Amon7511/379
Messenger Invader Priest8011/385
* Tomb Sage6711/390
* Dark Omen Invader Soldier7011/390
* Hot Springs Bandersnatch7611/397
* Alpen Buffalo6711/407
Bound Archer7211/411
Crimson Doll Blader5311/412
* Tomb Guardian6511/418
Nephilim Sentinel4811/418
* Alpen Buffalo6711/440
Amon's Spirits7411/442
* Dark Omen Invader Warrior7311/444
Sepulcher Guardian6011/458
Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6011/466
Nephilim Bishop6011/470
Forbidden Path Invader Martyrs6011/479
Purgatory Invader Soldier5011/488
Lilim Butcher4811/488
Pytan Knight6811/489
Nephilim Guard5711/491
* Alpen Buffalo6711/494
* Archer of Despair6111/496
* Crypt Inquisitor5211/506
Lesser Giant Soldier6211/507
* Scavenger Ant7411/508
Lilim Priest6011/511
* Forbidden Path Invader Berserker6511/514
* Forbidden Path Invader Warrior6311/526
Bathin's Knight6211/533
* Garden Guard Leader5011/536
* Blader of Despair6211/550
Lilim Marauder5711/561
* Purgatory Serpent5611/575
* Elmo-Aden's Lady6511/581
* Tomb Inquisitor5711/584
Soldier of Darkness4911/593
* Sairon5411/600
* Hallate's Warrior6411/627
* Cave Beast6111/633
* Nos Lad4511/641
* Decayed Ancient Soldier4911/651
* Requiem Lord6811/666
Requiem Behemoth7011/681
Spiteful Soul Leader6511/686
Mul's Knight6711/688
Wailing of Splendor6711/711
Messenger Invader Food8011/716
* Sepulcher Inquisitor5211/723
* Splinter Stakato Drone6911/736
Barif's Pet6111/737
Spiteful Soul Wizard6311/774
Crown of Splendor6611/779
Alliance of Splendor6511/787
Lesser Giant Mage6411/790
* Guillotine's Ghost6711/826
Behemoth Zombie7111/829
Wailing of Splendor6711/830
Forbidden Path Invader Priest6011/840
Anger of Splendor6311/842
* Giant's Shadow7911/853
Blade of Splendor6111/872
* Black Shadow7411/873
Purgatory Invader Priest5011/880
* Dragon Bearer Chief4911/907
* Ghost of Betrayer6911/907
Slaughter Executioner6511/909
Bloody Bat4511/929
Slaughter Executioner6511/931
* Doom Knight6511/934
Vanor Silenos Chieftain5011/935
Lesser Giant Elder6511/936
* Zaken's Guard5011/961
Hames Orc Shaman7411/980
* Alpen Grendel6811/981
Queen Undine Lad4611/991
Theeder Mage4911/992
Marsh Predator6911/994
Alpen Buffalo6711/1034
Anger of Splendor6311/1038
Alliance of Splendor6511/1041
* Raider of Pastureland6411/1083
Treasure Chest7211/1092
* Dark Guard7011/1104
Eva's Seeker4711/1130
* Raider of Pastureland6311/1159
* Dicor4711/1198
Dragon Bearer Archer4711/1239
Soldier of Ancient Times7311/1242
* Perum4811/1250
Alpen Kookaburra6511/1314
* Zaken's Guard5011/1361
* Raider of Pastureland6311/1379
Shaman of Ancient Times7511/1433
* Ancient Gargoyle5611/1490
* Cave Servant Captain4911/1497
Malruk Succubus5511/1504
Vanor Silenos Warrior4811/1517
Death Blade6811/1522
Nihil Invader6611/1524
* Grave Guard5411/1546
Vanor Silenos Shaman4911/1590
Doom Guard6111/1595
Hatar Ratman Boss4811/1595
* Doom Scout5611/1597
Hunter Gargoyle5211/1645
Fallen Orc5511/1718
* Trisalim Tarantula4611/1727
Tarlk Bugbear4711/1733
Harit Lizardman Warrior5311/1748
* Carinkain4511/1754
* Taik Orc Supply Leader5511/1770
Treasure Chest5711/1808
Cruel Punishment5211/1828
* Cave Maiden5911/1832
Treasure Chest4511/1838
* Zaken's Royal Guard5011/1848
* Tarlk Bugbear Warrior4811/1883
Nightmare Keeper4511/1894
Vanor Silenos4511/1927
Dustwind Gargoyle5311/1969
* Headless Knight5011/2062
Purgatory Invader Food5011/2101
Alpen Cougar6911/2198
Grave Lich5711/2237
Alpen Buffalo6711/2342
Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8511/2451
Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier5511/6024

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