Platinum Tribe Shaman

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Platinum Tribe Shaman


*Platinum Tribe Shaman male
Lv 70 L2Monster
HP 3862 CP 0
MP 1493    
Exp 5881 SP 583
P. Atk 1445 M. Atk 780
P. Def 427 M. Def 382
Atk. Spd 278 Casting Spd 253
Walk Spd 80 Run Spd 120
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 10
Aggro 500 col. radius 13
attackrange 40 col. height 25
Braided HempBraided Hemp[3-9]3.1%
Iron OreIron Ore[2-6]11.5%
Sealed Tallum Leather Armor PatternSealed Tallum Leather Armor Pattern15.5%
Bellion Cestus EdgeBellion Cestus Edge14.1%
Bow of Peril ShaftBow of Peril Shaft14.1%
Mold GlueMold Glue11.5%
Recipe: Zubei's GauntletsRecipe: Zubei's Gauntlets11/113
Sealed Tallum Stockings FabricSealed Tallum Stockings Fabric11/165
Sealed Tallum Tunic TextureSealed Tallum Tunic Texture11/259
Sealed Dark Crystal Robe FabricSealed Dark Crystal Robe Fabric11/369
Sealed Tallum StockingsSealed Tallum Stockings11/23256
Sealed Tallum TunicSealed Tallum Tunic11/37037
Sealed Dark Crystal RobeSealed Dark Crystal Robe11/52632

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