Taik Orc Archer

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Taik Orc Archer


Taik Orc Archer male
Lv 41 L2Monster
HP 1593 CP 0
MP 560    
Exp 3152 SP 206
P. Atk 589 M. Atk 141
P. Def 195 M. Def 169
Atk. Spd 249 Casting Spd 227
Walk Spd 45 Run Spd 170
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 10
Aggro 0 col. radius 12
attackrange 500 col. height 27
Fine Steel ArrowFine Steel Arrow[10-30]12.9%
Silver NuggetSilver Nugget22.6%
Recipe: Chain GlovesRecipe: Chain Gloves18.2%
Recipe: Chain ShieldRecipe: Chain Shield17.7%
Recipe: Mithril BootsRecipe: Mithril Boots11.4%
Metallic ThreadMetallic Thread11/155
Mithril Gloves DesignMithril Gloves Design11/208
Assault Boots PartAssault Boots Part11/208
Ogre Power Gauntlets PartOgre Power Gauntlets Part11/208
Salamander Skin Boot LiningSalamander Skin Boot Lining11/208
Plate Boots DesignPlate Boots Design11/208
Sage's Worn Gloves LiningSage's Worn Gloves Lining11/208
Compound BraidCompound Braid11/232
Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package (100%)Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package (100%)11/4630
Recipe: Greater Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package(100%)Recipe: Greater Spiritshot (C) Compressed Package(100%)11/4630
Assault BootsAssault Boots11/11236
Salamander Skin BootsSalamander Skin Boots11/11236
Plate BootsPlate Boots11/11236
Sage's Worn GlovesSage's Worn Gloves11/11236
Mithril GlovesMithril Gloves11/11236
Ogre Power GauntletsOgre Power Gauntlets11/11236

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