Scarlet Stakato Soldier

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Scarlet Stakato Soldier


*Scarlet Stakato Soldier male
Lv 78 L2Monster
HP 4428 CP 0
MP 1784    
Exp 6904 SP 755
P. Atk 1886 M. Atk 1069
P. Def 429 M. Def 451
Atk. Spd 278 Casting Spd 253
Walk Spd 25 Run Spd 180
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 10
Aggro 150 col. radius 15
attackrange 40 col. height 38
Mithril ArrowMithril Arrow[150-450]4.2%
Silver NuggetSilver Nugget[3-9]3.4%
Metallic FiberMetallic Fiber114.5%
Mithril OreMithril Ore110.2%
Sword of Miracles EdgeSword of Miracles Edge13.6%
Dark Legion's Edge BladeDark Legion's Edge Blade13.3%
Sealed Dark Crystal Gaiters PatternSealed Dark Crystal Gaiters Pattern11/171
Recipe: Soulshot: S GradeRecipe: Soulshot: S Grade11/187
Sealed Dark Crystal Breastplate PatternSealed Dark Crystal Breastplate Pattern11/262
Sealed Tallum Plate Armor PatternSealed Tallum Plate Armor Pattern11/371
Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot SRecipe: Blessed Spiritshot S11/4425
Sealed Dark Crystal GaitersSealed Dark Crystal Gaiters11/23810
Sealed Dark Crystal breastplateSealed Dark Crystal breastplate11/38462
Sealed Tallum Plate ArmorSealed Tallum Plate Armor11/55556

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