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Antharas male
Lv 79 L2Boss
HP 13090000 CP 0
MP 22197    
Exp 262720918 SP 29116376
P. Atk 13308 M. Atk 28099
P. Def 8064 M. Def 1641
Atk. Spd 333 Casting Spd 2362
Walk Spd 50 Run Spd 186
STR 60 DEX 73 CON 57
INT 76 WIT 70 MEN 80
Aggro 0 col. radius 300
attackrange 40 col. height 300
Blessed Scroll of EscapeBlessed Scroll of Escape[1-59]100%
Blessed Scroll of ResurrectionBlessed Scroll of Resurrection[1-39]100%
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A)Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A)[1-19]100%
Sealed Phoenix EarringSealed Phoenix Earring[1-5]35%
Sealed Phoenix RingSealed Phoenix Ring[1-5]35%
Sealed Majestic EarringSealed Majestic Earring[1-5]35%
Sealed Majestic RingSealed Majestic Ring[1-5]35%
Sealed Phoenix NecklaceSealed Phoenix Necklace[1-5]30%
Sealed Majestic NecklaceSealed Majestic Necklace[1-5]30%
Sealed Dark Crystal breastplateSealed Dark Crystal breastplate[1-3]50%
Sealed Dark Crystal ShieldSealed Dark Crystal Shield[1-3]40%
Sealed Shield of NightmareSealed Shield of Nightmare[1-3]40%
Sealed Leather Armor of NightmareSealed Leather Armor of Nightmare[1-3]35%
Sealed Dark Crystal GaitersSealed Dark Crystal Gaiters[1-3]35%
Sealed Dark Crystalline LeggingsSealed Dark Crystalline Leggings[1-3]35%
Sealed Armor of NightmareSealed Armor of Nightmare[1-3]35%
Sealed Robe of NightmareSealed Robe of Nightmare[1-3]30%
Sealed Tallum StockingsSealed Tallum Stockings[1-3]30%
Sealed Majestic BootsSealed Majestic Boots[1-3]25%
Sealed Dark Crystal HelmetSealed Dark Crystal Helmet[1-3]25%
Sealed Dark Crystal GlovesSealed Dark Crystal Gloves[1-3]25%
Sealed Dark Crystal BootsSealed Dark Crystal Boots[1-3]25%
Sealed Tallum Plate ArmorSealed Tallum Plate Armor[1-3]25%
Sealed Tallum HelmetSealed Tallum Helmet[1-3]25%
Sealed Tallum GlovesSealed Tallum Gloves[1-3]25%
Sealed Tallum BootsSealed Tallum Boots[1-3]25%
Sealed Dark Crystal Leather ArmorSealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor[1-3]25%
Sealed Tallum Leather ArmorSealed Tallum Leather Armor[1-3]25%
Sealed Tallum TunicSealed Tallum Tunic[1-3]25%
Sealed Dark Crystal RobeSealed Dark Crystal Robe[1-3]25%
Sealed Helm of NightmareSealed Helm of Nightmare[1-3]25%
Sealed Gloves of NightmareSealed Gloves of Nightmare[1-3]25%
Sealed Boots of NightmareSealed Boots of Nightmare[1-3]25%
Sealed Majestic CircletSealed Majestic Circlet[1-3]25%
Sealed Majestic GlovesSealed Majestic Gloves[1-3]25%
Sealed Majestic RobeSealed Majestic Robe[1-3]9%
Sealed Majestic Leather ArmorSealed Majestic Leather Armor[1-3]8%
Sealed Majestic Plate ArmorSealed Majestic Plate Armor[1-3]8%
Carnage BowCarnage Bow[1-2]25%
Dark Legion's EdgeDark Legion's Edge[1-2]25%
Meteor ShowerMeteor Shower[1-2]25%
Tallum BladeTallum Blade[1-2]25%
Dragon SlayerDragon Slayer[1-2]25%
Elemental SwordElemental Sword[1-2]25%
Sword of MiraclesSword of Miracles[1-2]25%
Elysian AxeElysian Axe[1-2]25%
Dasparion's StaffDasparion's Staff[1-2]25%
Bloody OrchidBloody Orchid[1-2]25%
Blood TornadoBlood Tornado[1-2]25%
Soul BowSoul Bow[1-2]20%
Tallum GlaiveTallum Glaive[1-2]20%
Branch of The Mother TreeBranch of The Mother Tree[1-2]20%
Soul SeparatorSoul Separator[1-2]20%
Dragon GrinderDragon Grinder[1-2]20%
Earring of AntharasEarring of Antharas1100%
Sealed Major Arcana RobeSealed Major Arcana Robe135%
Sealed Tateossian EarringSealed Tateossian Earring135%
Sealed Tateossian RingSealed Tateossian Ring135%
Sealed Draconic Leather ArmorSealed Draconic Leather Armor135%
Sealed Imperial Crusader GauntletSealed Imperial Crusader Gauntlet134%
Sealed Imperial Crusader BootsSealed Imperial Crusader Boots134%
Sealed Imperial Crusader HelmetSealed Imperial Crusader Helmet134%
Sealed Major Arcana GloveSealed Major Arcana Glove133%
Sealed Major Arcana BootsSealed Major Arcana Boots133%
Sealed Major Arcana CircletSealed Major Arcana Circlet133%
Sealed Draconic Leather GloveSealed Draconic Leather Glove133%
Sealed Draconic Leather BootsSealed Draconic Leather Boots133%
Sealed Draconic Leather HelmetSealed Draconic Leather Helmet133%
Sealed Tateossian NecklaceSealed Tateossian Necklace130%
Draconic BowDraconic Bow120%
Imperial StaffImperial Staff120%
Angel SlayerAngel Slayer120%
Demon SplinterDemon Splinter120%
Arcana MaceArcana Mace120%
Sealed Imperial Crusader ShieldSealed Imperial Crusader Shield120%
Forgotten BladeForgotten Blade117%
Basalt BattlehammerBasalt Battlehammer117%
Dragon Hunter AxeDragon Hunter Axe117%
Saint SpearSaint Spear117%
Heaven's DividerHeaven's Divider116%
Tallum Blade*Dark Legion's EdgeTallum Blade*Dark Legion's Edge116%
Sealed Imperial Crusader BreastplateSealed Imperial Crusader Breastplate115%
Sealed Imperial Crusader GaitersSealed Imperial Crusader Gaiters115%

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