Gigant Officer

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Gigant Officer


Gigant Officer male
Lv 36 L2Monster
HP 1279 CP 0
MP 463    
Exp 1669 SP 101
P. Atk 250 M. Atk 96
P. Def 145 M. Def 142
Atk. Spd 278 Casting Spd 253
Walk Spd 80 Run Spd 120
STR 40 DEX 30 CON 43
INT 21 WIT 20 MEN 10
Aggro 0 col. radius 15
attackrange 40 col. height 43
Blue Seal StoneBlue Seal Stone[96-192]70%
Green Seal StoneGreen Seal Stone[68-136]70%
Red Seal StoneRed Seal Stone[24-44]70%
Mithril Banded Gaiters MaterialMithril Banded Gaiters Material118%
Recipe: RIP GauntletsRecipe: RIP Gauntlets13.7%
Oriharukon OreOriharukon Ore11.8%
Two-Handed Sword EdgeTwo-Handed Sword Edge11/456
Sword of MagicSword of Magic11/19608
Sword of OccultSword of Occult11/19608
Two-Handed SwordTwo-Handed Sword11/26316
Crimson SwordCrimson Sword11/26316
Elven SwordElven Sword11/26316

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