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Ragraman male
Lv 30 L2RaidBoss
HP 123377 CP 0
MP 763    
Exp 1329218 SP 122342
P. Atk 412 M. Atk 212
P. Def 1127 M. Def 458
Atk. Spd 278 Casting Spd 1972
Walk Spd 80 Run Spd 120
STR 60 DEX 73 CON 57
INT 76 WIT 70 MEN 80
Aggro 0 col. radius 24
attackrange 40 col. height 52
Manticore Skin Boot LiningManticore Skin Boot Lining[480-1440]1/148
Boots of Power PatternBoots of Power Pattern[314-940]1%
Rip Gauntlets PatternRip Gauntlets Pattern[180-540]1.8%
Elven Mithril Gloves DesignElven Mithril Gloves Design[77-229]4.2%
Brigandine Gauntlets PatternBrigandine Gauntlets Pattern[64-192]5.1%
Manticore Skin Gloves LiningManticore Skin Gloves Lining[53-157]6.2%
Elven Mithril Boots DesignElven Mithril Boots Design[42-126]7.7%
Brigandine Boots DesignBrigandine Boots Design[33-97]10%
Elven Mithril BootsElven Mithril Boots[13-37]1/195
Sword of Revolution BladeSword of Revolution Blade[12-36]25.3%
Brigandine BootsBrigandine Boots[12-36]1/187
Manticore Skin BootsManticore Skin Boots[12-34]1/179
Boots of PowerBoots of Power[11-33]1/171
Rip GauntletsRip Gauntlets[11-31]1/164
Greater Dye of Constitution <Con+1 Str-1>Greater Dye of Constitution [2-6]18.6%
Greater Dye of Strength <Str+1 Dex-1>Greater Dye of Strength [2-4]24.8%
Greater Dye of Strength <Str+1 Con-1>Greater Dye of Strength [1-3]37.3%
Manticore Skin GlovesManticore Skin Gloves112.8%
Brigandine GauntletsBrigandine Gauntlets112.8%
Elven Mithril GlovesElven Mithril Gloves112.8%
Sword of RevolutionSword of Revolution18.2%
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade D)Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade D)14.1%

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