Scroll of Escape

Scroll of Escape Scroll of Escape
Grade: none
A scroll of enchantment that relocates you to the nearest village.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 120
Price 400
Material paper
Blade Stakato Worker4214.7%
Whispering Wind3012.4%
Stone Golem1312.4%
* Lesser Dark Horror1512.3%
Vuku Orc1412.2%
* Kaboo Orc Fighter Leader1212.1%
* Werewolf Chieftain1212.1%
Darkstone Golem1312%
Stone Giant1312%
Skeleton Marksman1411.9%
* Doom Soldier1411.9%
Redeye Bat1511.7%
Gemstone Beast1211.7%
Balor Orc Lieutenant1111.5%
Skeleton Lord1511.4%
Kasha Spider1511.1%
Orc Lieutenant1111/101

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