Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade D)

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Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade D) Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade D)
Grade: none
Increases the P.Atk of a D-Grade weapons such as sword/one-handed, blunt/one handed, dagger, spear, sword/two-handed, blunt/two-handed, dual swords, and fists, etc. type will increase by 2 and bow type by 4. The M.Atk of all weapons will increase by 2. From +4, the added bonuses for P.Atk/M.Atk are double the above value. When fail on enchanting, item does not get crystallized but it's enchant value will return to 0.
Type Consume type normal
Weight 120
Price 150000
Material paper
Princess Molrang2519.4%
Mammon Collector Talos2517.4%
Kuroboros' Priest2313.8%
Serpent Demon Bifrons2113.7%
Greyclaw Kutus2313.2%
Langk Matriarch Rashkos2413.1%
Malex Herald of Dagoniel2112.5%
Zombie Lord Farakelsus2012.1%

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