Blessed Scroll of Resurrection for Pets

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Blessed Scroll of Resurrection for Pets Blessed Scroll of Resurrection for Pets
Grade: none
A magic scroll that resurrects a dead pet and restores its Exp. completely.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 120
Price 6000
Material paper
Turek Mercenary Captain30[60-180]27.6%
Tracker Leader Sharuk23[24-72]9.4%
Unrequited Kael24[24-72]9.3%
Sukar Wererat Chief21[24-72]9.2%
Kaysha Herald of Icarus21[24-72]9.2%
Discarded Guardian20[24-72]8%
Madness Beast20[24-72]8%
Patriarch Kuroboros26[12-36]55.5%
Giant Wasteland Basilisk30[12-36]13.8%
Malex Herald of Dagoniel21[3-9]74%
* Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier3019.3%
Otherworldly Invader Soldier3011/216
* Ant Captain3111/572
* Iron Ore Golem2911/763
Hatu Dire Wolf3211/1374

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