Blue Seal Stone

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Blue Seal Stone Blue Seal Stone
Grade: none
A fragment of an ancient seal. Collect them all. Valued at 3 Ancient Adena.
Type Consume type asset
Weight 0
Price 3
Material gold
Nephilim Swordsman54[148-301]70%
Lilim Knight Errant54[148-301]70%
Nephilim Priest51[145-291]70%
Lilim Magus51[133-267]70%
Lith Guard30[128-259]70%
Gigant Footman30[128-259]70%
Lith Medium33[108-211]70%
Gigant Cleric33[108-211]70%
Lith Overlord36[96-192]70%
Gigant Officer36[96-192]70%
Lith Warrior27[97-190]70%
Gigant Overseer27[97-190]70%
Lith Patrolman39[89-178]70%
Gigant Raider39[89-178]70%
Nephilim Guard57[73-146]70%
Lilim Marauder57[73-146]70%
Gigant Acolyte24[72-143]70%
Lith Witch24[72-143]70%
Lith Shaman42[56-111]70%
Gigant Confessor42[56-111]70%
Gigant Slave21[53-109]70%
Lith Scout21[53-109]70%
Lith Commander45[33-62]70%
Gigant Commander45[33-62]70%
Nephilim Bishop60[8-16]70%
Lilim Priest60[7-15]70%

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