Magic Haste Potion

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Magic Haste Potion Magic Haste Potion
Grade: none
Enhances Casting Spd. Acumen Effect 2.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 20
Price 2400
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Magic Haste Potion (100%)Recipe: Magic Haste Potion (100%)
Anima Scavenger2411.7%
Talos' Cohort2211.5%
Butcher of Bifrons2011.4%
* Catacomb Shadow3411.2%
Lith Medium3311.2%
Gigant Footman3011.1%
Gigant Slave2111.1%
* Catacomb Scavenger Bat3111.1%
Talakin Archer2811/165
Scout of Plain3611/180
Salamander Noble1911/201
Amber Basilisk3011/209
* Kerope Werewolf Chief2311/253
* Horror Mist Ripper2711/275
Northern Goblin2111/285
Langk Lizardman Shaman2411/305
* Prowler1711/324
* Gora Werewolf1611/335
* Basilisk2811/366
* Baar Dre Vanul2011/368
* Silent Horror1611/402

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