Elysian Head

Elysian Head Elysian Head
Grade: none
An essential ingredient needed by a Dwarf to make an Elysian. It can be sold at a regular store.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 72914
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x14Recipe: Elysian(60%)Recipe: Elysian(60%)
x14Recipe: Elysian(100%)Recipe: Elysian(100%)

Fafurion's Herald Lokness70[16-48]10.8%
Icicle Emperor Bumbalump74[4-12]46.6%
Immortal Savior Mardil71[4-12]14.9%
* Ashuras8221/364
* Ashuras8221/388
* Necromancer of Destruction8114%
* Dark Omen Invader Berserker7512%
* Ketra Orc Raider7812%
* Messenger Invader Warrior8311/254
* Lavasillisk8311/296
Assassin of Empire8111/385
Assassin of Empire8111/389
* Tepra Scarab7911/390
Offering Bug7911/471
* Ketra Orc Grand Seer8511/484
* Ketra Orc Lieutenant8011/675
* Grazing Windsus8111/704
* Grazing Kookaburra7911/743
Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8511/6211

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