Recipe: Spiritshot (S) Compressed Package (100%)

Recipe: Spiritshot (S) Compressed Package (100%) Recipe: Spiritshot (S) Compressed Package (100%)
Grade: none
For Dwarves only. The recipe for the Compressed Package of Spiritshots: Grade S. Requires Create Item - Skill Level 8. The success rate is 100%.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 30
Price 250000
Material liquid
* Knight of Destruction8011/143
* Dancer of Empire8211/146
Dancer of Empire8211/154
* Disciples of Authority7611/161
* Disciples of Authority7611/174
* Varka Silenos Medium8111/222
* Ketra Orc Shaman7911/323
* Grazing Antelope7711/359
Messenger Invader Priest8011/371
Shrine Knight7511/640
* Dark Omen Invader Warrior7311/3106
Eye of Guide7211/5000
* Canyon Bandersnatch Slave7111/6135
* Eye of Watchman7311/6173
* Dark Omen Invader Soldier7511/6211
* Varka Silenos Footman7711/9009
Needle Stakato Drone7411/9346
Vampire Warlord7311/10638
Vampire Warlord7311/11364
Vampire Warlord7311/16129

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