Enria Enria
Grade: none
Crystal representing revenge and destruction. Used for making items of B-Grade and above and can also be sold at ordinary shops.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 12000
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x35Recipe: Pata (60%)Recipe: Pata (60%)
x35Recipe: Pata (60%)Recipe: Pata (60%)
x50Recipe: PataRecipe: Pata
x40Recipe: Great Sword (60%)Recipe: Great Sword (60%)
x63Recipe: Great SwordRecipe: Great Sword
x40Recipe: Heavy War Axe (60%)Recipe: Heavy War Axe (60%)
x59Recipe: Heavy War AxeRecipe: Heavy War Axe
x50Recipe: Spirit's Staff (60%)Recipe: Spirit's Staff (60%)
x75Recipe: Sprite's StaffRecipe: Sprite's Staff
x36Recipe: Keshanberk (60%)Recipe: Keshanberk (60%)
x57Recipe: KeshanberkRecipe: Keshanberk
x36Recipe: Sword of Valhalla (60%)Recipe: Sword of Valhalla (60%)
x57Recipe: Sword of ValhallaRecipe: Sword of Valhalla
x36Recipe: Kris (60%)Recipe: Kris (60%)
x57Recipe: KrisRecipe: Kris
x36Recipe: Hell Knife (60%)Recipe: Hell Knife (60%)
x57Recipe: Hell KnifeRecipe: Hell Knife
x40Recipe: Arthro Nail (60%)Recipe: Arthro Nail (60%)
x59Recipe: Arthro NailRecipe: Arthro Nail
x25Recipe: Dark Elven Long Bow (60%)Recipe: Dark Elven Long Bow (60%)
x37Recipe: Dark Elven Long BowRecipe: Dark Elven Long Bow
x25Recipe: Great Axe (60%)Recipe: Great Axe (60%)
x40Recipe: Great AxeRecipe: Great Axe
x60Recipe: Sword of Damascus (60%)Recipe: Sword of Damascus (60%)
x86Recipe: Sword of DamascusRecipe: Sword of Damascus
x40Recipe: Lance (60%)Recipe: Lance (60%)
x58Recipe: LanceRecipe: Lance
x60Recipe: Deadman's Glory (60%)Recipe: Deadman's Glory (60%)
x86Recipe: Deadman's GloryRecipe: Deadman's Glory
x60Recipe: Art of Battle Axe (60%)Recipe: Art of Battle Axe (60%)
x86Recipe: Art of Battle AxeRecipe: Art of Battle Axe
x75Recipe: Staff of Evil Spirit (60%)Recipe: Staff of Evil Spirit (60%)
x108Recipe: Staff of Evil SpiritRecipe: Staff of Evil Spirit
x60Recipe: Demon's Sword (60%)Recipe: Demon's Sword (60%)
x86Recipe: Demon's SwordRecipe: Demon's Sword
x60Recipe: Bellion Cestus (60%)Recipe: Bellion Cestus (60%)
x86Recipe: Bellion CestusRecipe: Bellion Cestus
x40Recipe: Bow of Peril (60%)Recipe: Bow of Peril (60%)
x57Recipe: Bow of PerilRecipe: Bow of Peril
x5Recipe: Craftsman MoldRecipe: Craftsman Mold
x78Recipe: Dragon Slayer(60%)Recipe: Dragon Slayer(60%)
x167Recipe: Dragon Slayer(100%)Recipe: Dragon Slayer(100%)
x30Recipe: Meteor Shower(60%)Recipe: Meteor Shower(60%)
x61Recipe: Meteor Shower(100%)Recipe: Meteor Shower(100%)
x49Recipe: Elysian(60%)Recipe: Elysian(60%)
x97Recipe: Elysian(100%)Recipe: Elysian(100%)
x49Recipe: Soul Bow(60%)Recipe: Soul Bow(60%)
x98Recipe: Soul Bow(100%)Recipe: Soul Bow(100%)
x30Recipe: Carnage Bow(60%)Recipe: Carnage Bow(60%)
x61Recipe: Carnage Bow(100%)Recipe: Carnage Bow(100%)
x41Recipe: Bloody Orchid(60%)Recipe: Bloody Orchid(60%)
x98Recipe: Bloody Orchid(100%)Recipe: Bloody Orchid(100%)
x78Recipe: Soul Separator(60%)Recipe: Soul Separator(60%)
x167Recipe: Soul Separator(100%)Recipe: Soul Separator(100%)
x49Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%)Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%)
x97Recipe: Dragon Grinder(100%)Recipe: Dragon Grinder(100%)
x30Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%)Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%)
x61Recipe: Blood Tornado(100%)Recipe: Blood Tornado(100%)
x37Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%)Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%)
x73Recipe: Tallum Glaive(100%)Recipe: Tallum Glaive(100%)
x21Recipe: Halberd(60%)Recipe: Halberd(60%)
x43Recipe: Halberd(100%)Recipe: Halberd(100%)
x47Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(60%)Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(60%)
x96Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(100%)Recipe: Dasparion's Staff(100%)
x77Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(60%)Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(60%)
x153Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(100%)Recipe: Branch of The Mother Tree(100%)
x78Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%)Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(60%)
x167Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(100%)Recipe: Dark Legion's Edge(100%)
x80Recipe: Sword of Miracle(60%)Recipe: Sword of Miracle(60%)
x160Recipe: Sword of Miracle(100%)Recipe: Sword of Miracle(100%)
x41Recipe: Elemental Sword(60%)Recipe: Elemental Sword(60%)
x98Recipe: Elemental Sword(100%)Recipe: Elemental Sword(100%)
x41Recipe: Tallum Blade(60%)Recipe: Tallum Blade(60%)
x98Recipe: Tallum Blade(100%)Recipe: Tallum Blade(100%)
x5Recipe: Warsmith's Mold(100%)Recipe: Warsmith's Mold(100%)
x132Recipe: Forgotten Blade (60%)Recipe: Forgotten Blade (60%)
x243Recipe: Forgotten Blade (100%)Recipe: Forgotten Blade (100%)
x77Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (60%)Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (60%)
x142Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (100%)Recipe: Basalt Battlehammer (100%)
x121Recipe: Imperial Staff (60%)Recipe: Imperial Staff (60%)
x222Recipe: Imperial Staff(100%)Recipe: Imperial Staff(100%)
x132Recipe: Angel Slayer (60%)Recipe: Angel Slayer (60%)
x243Recipe: Angel Slayer (100%)Recipe: Angel Slayer (100%)
x75Recipe: Shining Bow (60%)Recipe: Shining Bow (60%)
x139Recipe: Shining Bow (100%)Recipe: Shining Bow (100%)
x62Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (60%)Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (60%)
x116Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (100%)Recipe: Dragon Hunter Axe (100%)
x62Recipe: Saint Spear (60%)Recipe: Saint Spear (60%)
x116Recipe: Saint Spear (100%)Recipe: Saint Spear (100%)
x77Recipe: Demon Splinter (60%)Recipe: Demon Splinter (60%)
x142Recipe: Demon Splinter (100%)Recipe: Demon Splinter (100%)
x146Recipe: Heavens Divider (60%)Recipe: Heavens Divider (60%)
x270Recipe: Heavens Divider (100%)Recipe: Heavens Divider (100%)
x77Recipe: Arcana Mace (60%)Recipe: Arcana Mace (60%)
x142Recipe: Arcana Mace (100%)Recipe: Arcana Mace (100%)
x75Recipe: Draconic Bow (60%)Recipe: Draconic Bow (60%)
x139Recipe: Draconic Bow (100%)Recipe: Draconic Bow (100%)

* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7521.3%
* Arimanes of Destruction8221.1%
* Messenger Invader Shaman8321/101
Hexa Beetle7921/105
* Necromancer of Destruction8121/108
Sly Hound Dog7221/115
* Hexa Beetle7921/120
* Varka Silenos Great Seer8521/131
* Ketra's Head Shaman8521/140
* Messenger Invader Magus8521/143
* Grazing Elder Kookaburra8521/157
* Grazing Flava8321/165
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7521/166
Hot Springs Grendel7621/180
Nephilim Archbishop6921/181
Hot Springs Yeti7521/186
* Grazing Bandersnatch8121/203
* Grazing Nepenthes7921/214
* Ketra Orc Warrior8021/218
* Ketra Orc Footman7721/219
* Alpen Kookaburra6521/236
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6521/265
Valac's Creature6921/271
* Barif6421/278
* Tomb Archon5521/285
* Doll Master5021/295
Ghost of Vassal7721/309
* Malruk Soldier6321/326
* Dimension Invader Magus4521/345
Ghost of Rebellion Leader7121/355
* Ghost of Rebellion Soldier6921/359
* Shout of Splendor6521/396
Bone Collector6721/433
Vampire Wizard7321/447
Vampire Wizard7321/459
Alpen Cougar6921/506
* Pirate Zombie Captain5221/515
* Pirate Zombie Captain5221/729
Harit Lizardman Grunt5121/787
Wretched Archer5521/842
* Pirate's Zombie Captain5221/990
* Bloody Banshee74116.9%
* Alpen Cougar6919.8%
* Alpen Kookaburra6519%
* Leogul6114.8%
Alpen Buffalo6714.4%
Doll Blader5314.1%
Soldier of Ancient Times7313.1%
Doll Blader5312.9%
* Water Giant4512.8%
Doll Blader5312.2%
Leader of Offering8012.1%
* Seal Angel7312%
Chakram Beetle8011.7%
Jamadar Beetle7911.7%
* Zaken's Elite Guard5011.7%
* Ashkenas8211.6%
* Soldier Scarab7811.4%
* Abraxion8311.3%
* Dancer of Empire8211.3%
* Varka's Prophet8711.3%
* Soldier Scarab7811.2%
Dancer of Empire8211.2%
* Ustralith8111.2%
* Scarlet Stakato Noble7911.1%
* Knight of Empire8011.1%
* Ashuras8211.1%
* Ketra Prophet8711.1%
* Ashuras8211%
Nephilim Royal Guard7511%
* Assassin Beetle8011/102
* Lavastone Golem8111/102
* Assassin Beetle8011/103
* Bloody Lord7511/103
* Ustralith8111/109
Guardian Scarab8111/109
* Karik7011/114
* Sepulcher Guard7511/114
* Abraxion8311/114
* Scarlet Stakato Soldier7811/118
* Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier5511/123
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6511/125
* Bloody Liviona7211/127
Messenger Invader Soldier8011/130
Guardian Scarab8111/133
* Limal Karinness6911/134
Eye of Guide7211/134
Prophet Guard8611/134
* Lesser Ancient Warrior8011/138
* Knight of Empire8011/139
Varka's Head Guard8411/141
* Messenger Invader Archer8311/155
* Grazing Elder Antelope8511/157
* Canyon Bandersnatch Slave7111/163
* Hallate's Knight6511/167
* Dark Omen Invader Berserker7511/168
* Hot Springs Bandersnatchling7311/171
* Hallate's Guardian6911/171
* Lesser Ancient Scout7411/173
* Platinum Tribe Warrior6911/174
* Messenger Invader Warrior8311/176
* Hot Springs Atrox7611/178
* Sepulcher Guardian6511/187
* Ketra Orc General8411/192
Lilim Soldier6911/197
* Alpen Cougar6911/199
* Hot Springs Atroxspawn7411/199
Crypt Guard7011/199
Bloody Keeper7411/200
Dark Omen Invader Soldier7011/203
* Binder7311/210
* Erin Ediunce6611/213
* Purgatory Invader Shaman5311/213
* Zombie Captain's Spiritual Body5211/220
* Magus Valac7011/221
* Alpen Kookaburra6511/236
* Ketra Orc Scout7811/237
Gigantic Flyer4711/239
* Cave Howler6511/239
* Purgatory Conjurer5911/243
Lilim Knight Errant5411/251
Nephilim Swordsman5411/251
* Grave Overlord4511/252
* Grave Priest4711/260
* Lesser Giant Scout6311/261
* Dimension Invader Soldier4511/263
Dark Omen Invader Priest7011/269
Lith Commander4511/271
* Requiem Priest7111/279
* Decayed Ancient Pikeman4611/281
* Fallen Orc Shaman5911/282
Vampire Warlord7311/285
* Sepulcher Archon5511/285
Ghost of Gatekeeper7611/288
* Beast Lord6011/291
* Eye of Restrainer7111/295
* Purgatory Invader Soldier5011/298
Purgatory Invader Disciples5311/301
Vampire Warlord7311/304
* Sepulcher Inquisitor5711/305
* Death Wave6211/305
* Dimension Invader Berserker4511/310
Gigant Commander4511/310
* Needle Stakato Drone7311/311
Halisha's Treasure Box8511/312
Conjurer Bat7011/320
* Hames Orc Overlord7511/323
* Purgatory Wisp5311/325
* Needle Stakato7011/333
* Vampire Adept7211/340
Treasure Chest8411/340
Shrine Knight7511/347
Bone Animator6811/385
* Atrox6911/394
Frenzy Stakato Drone7211/395
Corrupted Knight6311/401
Grave Scarab7311/404
Hames Orc Footman7111/407
Vampire Warlord7311/430
Past Creature7611/438
Warrior of Ancient Times7511/451
Bone Caster7111/467
* Vampire Magician7211/476
Punishment of Splendor6411/478
Ghost of Guillotine7011/490
Eye of Splendor6011/490
* Needle Stakato Soldier7211/502
Alpen Cougar6911/506
Ghost of Guillotine7011/507
Alpen Cougar6911/517
* Tainted Ogre4511/531
Spiteful Soul Fighter6211/545
* Kranrot5911/554
Treasure Chest7811/558
* Ossiud4711/561
* Unpleasant Humming4611/562
* Doom Archer6211/569
* Soul of Splendor6311/575
Trampled Man6511/576
Trampled Man6511/576
* Judge of Marsh6511/582
* Kadios6211/639
Huge Footmark7011/663
Dark Omen Invader Food7011/667
Alpen Kookaburra6511/686
* Theeder Piker4811/698
Forbidden Path Invader Food6011/699
* Unpleasant Humming4611/796
Soldier of Grief5111/819
* Forrest of Mirrors Ghost4611/822
Punishment of Undead5311/847
Treasure Chest6011/847
* Grave Predator5911/853
Tarlk Bugbear High Warrior4911/897
Treasure Chest4811/900
* Forrest of Mirrors Ghost4811/1035
* Unpleasant Humming4611/1081
Hatar Ratman Thief4711/1086
* Harit Lizardman Archer5211/1155
* Deprive5011/1206
Bloody Ghost6411/1209
* Nightmare Lord4711/1245
* Oel Mahum5311/1305
Pobby's Maid5311/1570
* Heathen Warrior6511/2421

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