Leather Helmet Design

Leather Helmet Design Leather Helmet Design
Grade: none
A key material that Dwarves use to make a Leather Helmet. Can be sold in any shop.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 620
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x3Recipe: Leather HelmetRecipe: Leather Helmet

* Baar Dre Vanul2021.3%
Salamander Elder18112.7%
* Arachnid Tracker1919.5%
* Lycanthrope2018.9%
Ratman Chieftain2018.7%
* Langk Lizardman Sentinel1918.6%
* Northern Trimden1918.5%
Ratman Warrior1918.4%
Ratman Hunter1818.2%
* Ol Mahum Novice1718.1%
Ruin Imp1717.9%
Langk Lizardman Scout1617.7%
Hook Spider1617.7%
Scarlet Salamander Elder1817.5%
* Lesser Succubus2017.4%
Omen Beast1716.6%
Shade Horror1716.6%
Scavenger Wererat1811.2%
Undead Slave1911.2%
Ratman Spy1611.1%
* Merkenis Escort2011.1%
Sukar Wererat1811%
Boogle Ratman1611/106

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