High Grade Suede

High Grade Suede High Grade Suede
Grade: none
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 2400
Material liquid

x1Recipe: High Grade SuedeRecipe: High Grade Suede

Used in Recipes:
x1Recipe: Leather BootsRecipe: Leather Boots
x1Recipe: Excellent Leather GlovesRecipe: Excellent Leather Gloves
x2Recipe: Iron BootsRecipe: Iron Boots
x3Recipe: RIP GauntletsRecipe: RIP Gauntlets
x3Recipe: Boots of PowerRecipe: Boots of Power
x4Recipe: Mithril GlovesRecipe: Mithril Gloves
x4Recipe: Assault BootsRecipe: Assault Boots
x1Recipe: Mithril BootsRecipe: Mithril Boots
x4Recipe: Ogre Power GauntletsRecipe: Ogre Power Gauntlets
x1Recipe: Paagrio HandRecipe: Paagrio Hand
x1Recipe: Crimson BootsRecipe: Crimson Boots
x2Recipe: Mithril GauntletsRecipe: Mithril Gauntlets
x2Recipe: Forgotten BootsRecipe: Forgotten Boots
x35Recipe: Pata (60%)Recipe: Pata (60%)
x3Recipe: Gauntlets of GhostRecipe: Gauntlets of Ghost
x3Recipe: Adamantite BootsRecipe: Adamantite Boots
x20Recipe: TridentRecipe: Trident
x30Recipe: Mace of JudgmentRecipe: Mace of Judgment
x20Recipe: Elven BowRecipe: Elven Bow
x20Recipe: Dwarven TridentRecipe: Dwarven Trident
x45Recipe: Spiked ClubRecipe: Spiked Club
x30Recipe: GastraphetesRecipe: Gastraphetes
x64Recipe: Morning StarRecipe: Morning Star
x45Recipe: Winged SpearRecipe: Winged Spear
x64Recipe: TarbarRecipe: Tarbar
x64Recipe: Skull BreakerRecipe: Skull Breaker
x64Recipe: Heavy Bone ClubRecipe: Heavy Bone Club
x64Recipe: Bich'hwaRecipe: Bich'hwa
x45Recipe: Strengthened Long BowRecipe: Strengthened Long Bow
x45Recipe: War PickRecipe: War Pick
x80Recipe: BonebreakerRecipe: Bonebreaker
x55Recipe: Atuba HammerRecipe: Atuba Hammer
x80Recipe: Scallop JamadhrRecipe: Scallop Jamadhr
x55Recipe: Light CrossbowRecipe: Light Crossbow
x55Recipe: GlaiveRecipe: Glaive
x55Recipe: Atuba MaceRecipe: Atuba Mace
x15Recipe: Big HammerRecipe: Big Hammer
x10Recipe: ScytheRecipe: Scythe
x15Recipe: Battle AxeRecipe: Battle Axe
x15Recipe: Silver AxeRecipe: Silver Axe
x15Recipe: Skull GraverRecipe: Skull Graver
x10Recipe: Heavy Doom HammerRecipe: Heavy Doom Hammer
x10Recipe: Heavy Doom AxeRecipe: Heavy Doom Axe
x15Recipe: ChakramRecipe: Chakram
x9Recipe: Crystallized Ice BowRecipe: Crystallized Ice Bow
x10Recipe: Orcish GlaiveRecipe: Orcish Glaive
x10Recipe: Body SlasherRecipe: Body Slasher
x13Recipe: Bec de CorbinRecipe: Bec de Corbin
x12Recipe: Elemental BowRecipe: Elemental Bow
x12Recipe: Elven Bow of NobilityRecipe: Elven Bow of Nobility
x18Recipe: PoleaxeRecipe: Poleaxe
x27Recipe: War AxeRecipe: War Axe
x27Recipe: Nirvana AxeRecipe: Nirvana Axe
x18Recipe: Paagrio HammerRecipe: Paagrio Hammer
x27Recipe: Mace of the UnderworldRecipe: Mace of the Underworld
x27Recipe: Fist BladeRecipe: Fist Blade
x17Recipe: Akat Long BowRecipe: Akat Long Bow
x20Recipe: Paagrio AxeRecipe: Paagrio Axe
x20Recipe: ScorpionRecipe: Scorpion
x20Recipe: Widow MakerRecipe: Widow Maker
x40Recipe: Great PataRecipe: Great Pata
x24Recipe: Eminence BowRecipe: Eminence Bow
x26Recipe: Orcish PoleaxeRecipe: Orcish Poleaxe
x3Recipe: Manticore Skin BootsRecipe: Manticore Skin Boots
x3Recipe: Brigandine BootsRecipe: Brigandine Boots
x3Recipe: Elven Mithril BootsRecipe: Elven Mithril Boots
x3Recipe: Manticore Skin GlovesRecipe: Manticore Skin Gloves
x3Recipe: Brigandine GauntletsRecipe: Brigandine Gauntlets
x3Recipe: Elven Mithril GlovesRecipe: Elven Mithril Gloves
x4Recipe: Salamander Skin BootsRecipe: Salamander Skin Boots
x4Recipe: Plate BootsRecipe: Plate Boots
x4Recipe: Sage's Worn GlovesRecipe: Sage's Worn Gloves
x1Recipe: Chain BootsRecipe: Chain Boots
x1Recipe: Karmian BootsRecipe: Karmian Boots
x1Recipe: Plated Leather BootsRecipe: Plated Leather Boots
x1Recipe: Dwarven Chain BootsRecipe: Dwarven Chain Boots
x1Recipe: Boots of SealRecipe: Boots of Seal
x1Recipe: Reinforced Mithril GlovesRecipe: Reinforced Mithril Gloves
x1Recipe: Chain GlovesRecipe: Chain Gloves
x1Recipe: Karmian GlovesRecipe: Karmian Gloves
x1Recipe: Plated Leather GlovesRecipe: Plated Leather Gloves
x1Recipe: Rind Leather BootsRecipe: Rind Leather Boots
x1Recipe: Dwarven Chain GlovesRecipe: Dwarven Chain Gloves
x1Recipe: Gloves of SealRecipe: Gloves of Seal
x1Recipe: Rind Leather GlovesRecipe: Rind Leather Gloves
x2Recipe: Demon's BootsRecipe: Demon's Boots
x2Recipe: Demon's GlovesRecipe: Demon's Gloves
x2Recipe: Theca Leather BootsRecipe: Theca Leather Boots
x2Recipe: Theca Leather GlovesRecipe: Theca Leather Gloves
x2Recipe: Composite BootsRecipe: Composite Boots
x3Recipe: Divine BootsRecipe: Divine Boots
x3Recipe: Drake Leather BootsRecipe: Drake Leather Boots
x3Recipe: Full Plate BootsRecipe: Full Plate Boots
x3Recipe: Drake Leather GlovesRecipe: Drake Leather Gloves
x3Recipe: Full Plate GauntletsRecipe: Full Plate Gauntlets
x3Recipe: Divine GlovesRecipe: Divine Gloves
x3Recipe: Blessed GlovesRecipe: Blessed Gloves
x19Recipe: Dwarven War HammerRecipe: Dwarven War Hammer
x40Recipe: Yaksa MaceRecipe: Yaksa Mace
x4Recipe: Implosion Boots (60%)Recipe: Implosion Boots (60%)
x6Recipe: Implosion BootsRecipe: Implosion Boots
x2Recipe: Boots of Silence (60%)Recipe: Boots of Silence (60%)
x3Recipe: Boots of SilenceRecipe: Boots of Silence
x2Recipe: Guardian's Boots (60%)Recipe: Guardian's Boots (60%)
x3Recipe: Guardian's BootsRecipe: Guardian's Boots
x4Recipe: Paradia Boots (60%)Recipe: Paradia Boots (60%)
x6Recipe: Paradia BootsRecipe: Paradia Boots
x4Recipe: Elemental Boots (60%)Recipe: Elemental Boots (60%)
x6Recipe: Elemental BootsRecipe: Elemental Boots
x4Recipe: Boots of Grace (60%)Recipe: Boots of Grace (60%)
x6Recipe: Boots of GraceRecipe: Boots of Grace
x2Recipe: Avadon Gloves (60%)Recipe: Avadon Gloves (60%)
x3Recipe: Avadon GlovesRecipe: Avadon Gloves
x2Recipe: Chain Gloves of Silence (60%)Recipe: Chain Gloves of Silence (60%)
x4Recipe: Chain Gloves of SilenceRecipe: Chain Gloves of Silence
x2Recipe: Guardian's Gloves (60%)Recipe: Guardian's Gloves (60%)
x4Recipe: Guardian's GlovesRecipe: Guardian's Gloves
x2Recipe: Gloves of Blessing (60%)Recipe: Gloves of Blessing (60%)
x4Recipe: Gloves of BlessingRecipe: Gloves of Blessing
x2Recipe: Boots of Blessing (60%)Recipe: Boots of Blessing (60%)
x3Recipe: Boots of BlessingRecipe: Boots of Blessing
x4Recipe: Blue Wolf Boots (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Boots (60%)
x6Recipe: Blue Wolf BootsRecipe: Blue Wolf Boots
x4Recipe: Doom Gloves (60%)Recipe: Doom Gloves (60%)
x6Recipe: Doom GlovesRecipe: Doom Gloves
x4Recipe: Elemental Gloves (60%)Recipe: Elemental Gloves (60%)
x6Recipe: Elemental GlovesRecipe: Elemental Gloves
x4Recipe: Gloves of Grace (60%)Recipe: Gloves of Grace (60%)
x6Recipe: Gloves of GraceRecipe: Gloves of Grace
x4Recipe: Implosion Gauntlets (60%)Recipe: Implosion Gauntlets (60%)
x6Recipe: Implosion GauntletsRecipe: Implosion Gauntlets
x4Recipe: Paradia Gloves (60%)Recipe: Paradia Gloves (60%)
x6Recipe: Paradia GlovesRecipe: Paradia Gloves
x4Recipe: Blue Wolf Gloves (60%)Recipe: Blue Wolf Gloves (60%)
x6Recipe: Blue Wolf GlovesRecipe: Blue Wolf Gloves
x2Recipe: Zubei's Boots (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Boots (60%)
x3Recipe: Zubei's BootsRecipe: Zubei's Boots
x2Recipe: Avadon Boots (60%)Recipe: Avadon Boots (60%)
x3Recipe: Avadon BootsRecipe: Avadon Boots
x4Recipe: Doom Boots (60%)Recipe: Doom Boots (60%)
x6Recipe: Doom BootsRecipe: Doom Boots
x2Recipe: Zubei's Gauntlets (60%)Recipe: Zubei's Gauntlets (60%)
x3Recipe: Zubei's GauntletsRecipe: Zubei's Gauntlets
x35Recipe: Pata (60%)Recipe: Pata (60%)
x50Recipe: PataRecipe: Pata
x40Recipe: Heavy War Axe (60%)Recipe: Heavy War Axe (60%)
x59Recipe: Heavy War AxeRecipe: Heavy War Axe
x40Recipe: Arthro Nail (60%)Recipe: Arthro Nail (60%)
x59Recipe: Arthro NailRecipe: Arthro Nail
x25Recipe: Dark Elven Long Bow (60%)Recipe: Dark Elven Long Bow (60%)
x37Recipe: Dark Elven Long BowRecipe: Dark Elven Long Bow
x25Recipe: Great Axe (60%)Recipe: Great Axe (60%)
x40Recipe: Great AxeRecipe: Great Axe
x40Recipe: Lance (60%)Recipe: Lance (60%)
x58Recipe: LanceRecipe: Lance
x60Recipe: Deadman's Glory (60%)Recipe: Deadman's Glory (60%)
x86Recipe: Deadman's GloryRecipe: Deadman's Glory
x60Recipe: Art of Battle Axe (60%)Recipe: Art of Battle Axe (60%)
x86Recipe: Art of Battle AxeRecipe: Art of Battle Axe
x60Recipe: Bellion Cestus (60%)Recipe: Bellion Cestus (60%)
x86Recipe: Bellion CestusRecipe: Bellion Cestus
x40Recipe: Bow of Peril (60%)Recipe: Bow of Peril (60%)
x57Recipe: Bow of PerilRecipe: Bow of Peril
x27Recipe: Knuckle DusterRecipe: Knuckle Duster
x15Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots(60%)
x12Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Boots(100%)
x15Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(60%)
x12Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(100%)
x24Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(60%)
x130Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Boots of Nightmare(100%)
x24Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(60%)
x130Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Boots(100%)
x15Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves(60%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves(60%)
x12Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves(100%)Recipe: Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves(100%)
x15Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves(60%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves(60%)
x12Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves(100%)Recipe: Sealed Tallum Gloves(100%)
x24Recipe: Sealed Gloves of Nightmare(60%)Recipe: Sealed Gloves of Nightmare(60%)
x130Recipe: Sealed Gloves of Nightmare(100%)Recipe: Sealed Gloves of Nightmare(100%)
x24Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gloves(60%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gloves(60%)
x130Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gloves(100%)Recipe: Sealed Majestic Gloves(100%)
x30Recipe: Meteor Shower(60%)Recipe: Meteor Shower(60%)
x61Recipe: Meteor Shower(100%)Recipe: Meteor Shower(100%)
x49Recipe: Elysian(60%)Recipe: Elysian(60%)
x97Recipe: Elysian(100%)Recipe: Elysian(100%)
x49Recipe: Soul Bow(60%)Recipe: Soul Bow(60%)
x98Recipe: Soul Bow(100%)Recipe: Soul Bow(100%)
x30Recipe: Carnage Bow(60%)Recipe: Carnage Bow(60%)
x61Recipe: Carnage Bow(100%)Recipe: Carnage Bow(100%)
x49Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%)Recipe: Dragon Grinder(60%)
x97Recipe: Dragon Grinder(100%)Recipe: Dragon Grinder(100%)
x30Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%)Recipe: Blood Tornado(60%)
x61Recipe: Blood Tornado(100%)Recipe: Blood Tornado(100%)
x37Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%)Recipe: Tallum Glaive(60%)
x73Recipe: Tallum Glaive(100%)Recipe: Tallum Glaive(100%)
x21Recipe: Halberd(60%)Recipe: Halberd(60%)
x43Recipe: Halberd(100%)Recipe: Halberd(100%)

* Alpen Cougar69[5-13]2.9%
* Imperial Commander81[2-4]7.2%
* Imperial Commander81[2-4]4.6%
* Grazing Elder Buffalo8323%
* Dark Omen Invader Soldier7022.5%
* Grazing Kookaburra7922.3%
* Purgatory Invader Archer5321.8%
* Catacomb Stakato Soldier3821.3%
Alpen Buffalo6721/110
* Raider of Pastureland6421/113
Timak Orc Troop Warrior4321/139
Kanil Succubus3221/162
Turek Orc Supplier2721/179
* Salamander Rowin3321/180
* Cursed Seer3421/278
* Alpen Kookaburra65172.6%
* Harit Lizardman Matriarch55126.2%
* Mardian42112.2%
Grave Wanderer4518.9%
* Enchanted Monstereye4116.8%
Turek Orc Archer2716.2%
Ant Patrol3414.6%
* Messenger Invader Soldier8514.6%
* Eye of Ruler7414.6%
Sepulcher Guard7012.9%
* Varka Silenos Warrior8012.7%
* Tomb Sage6712.5%
* Alpen Buffalo6712.2%
Amon's Spirits7412.2%
* Varka Silenos Footman7712.1%
Zaken's Elite Archer4411.9%
* Swamp Tribe4511.9%
* Forbidden Path Invader Berserker6511.9%
* Forbidden Path Invader Warrior6311.8%
Dimension Invader Discipline4311.8%
* Hallate's Warrior6411.5%
* Vault Monk3711.4%
Spiteful Soul Leader6511.4%
Messenger Invader Food8011.3%
Vampire Soldier7111.3%
Spiteful Soul Wizard6311.2%
* Guillotine's Ghost6711.2%
Bloody Bat4511%
Lesser Giant Elder6511%
* Otherworldly Invader Archer3311%
Hames Orc Shaman7411/102
Frenzy Stakato Soldier6811/105
* Splinter Stakato6611/106
* Otherworldly Invader Magus3511/117
* Mordeo4211/119
Blade Stakato4111/122
Farhite Lad4411/124
Soldier of Ancient Times7311/130
* Bloody Queen6011/135
Alpen Kookaburra6511/137
* Grave Guard5411/161
Roxide Cohort2911/167
Ol Mahum Raider2711/179
Fallen Orc5511/179
* Trisalim Tarantula4611/180
Tarlk Bugbear4711/181
Lakin Salamander3011/182
* Carinkain4511/183
Treasure Chest5711/189
* Cave Maiden5911/191
Turek Orc Shaman2911/195
* Tarlk Bugbear Warrior4811/197
Vanor Silenos4511/201
* Ritmal Swordsman2911/206
* Turek Orc Warlord3011/210
Taik Orc4011/214
Rotting tree4311/220
Tanor Silenos Grunt4211/228
Grave Lich5711/234
Alpen Buffalo6711/245
* Skeleton Marauder2911/247
Talakin Raider2711/269
Underground Kobold Warrior2711/280
Leto Lizardman Shaman3911/288
Tasaba Lizardman3611/301
Alpen Kookaburra6511/305
Delu Lizardman Shaman3511/307
Breka Orc Shaman3411/324
Rough Hewn Rock Golem3111/327
Treasure Chest2711/337
Noble Ant3711/341
* Lienlik Ladd4011/349
* Basilisk2811/366
Hatu Crimson Bear3811/369
Ant Recruit3311/373
* Hangman Tree3511/376
Tasaba Lizardman3611/444
* Lienrik Lad4011/528
Maille Lizardman Shaman2811/537
Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier5511/629
Tasaba Lizardman Shaman3711/710
Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier3511/1255

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