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Cord Cord
Grade: none
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 325
Material liquid

x20Recipe: CordRecipe: Cord

Used in Recipes:
x4Recipe: Crafted LeatherRecipe: Crafted Leather
x20Recipe: Metallic FiberRecipe: Metallic Fiber
x30Recipe: Tiger's Eye EarringRecipe: Tiger's Eye Earring
x60Recipe: Elven EarringRecipe: Elven Earring
x30Recipe: Elven RingRecipe: Elven Ring
x90Recipe: Omen Beast's Eye EarringRecipe: Omen Beast's Eye Earring
x50Recipe: Mithril RingRecipe: Mithril Ring
x20Recipe: Dark StockingsRecipe: Dark Stockings
x20Recipe: White TunicRecipe: White Tunic
x42Recipe: Manticore Skin ShirtRecipe: Manticore Skin Shirt
x45Recipe: Manticore Skin GaitersRecipe: Manticore Skin Gaiters
x42Recipe: Mithril TunicRecipe: Mithril Tunic
x45Recipe: Mithril StockingsRecipe: Mithril Stockings
x70Recipe: Salamander Skin MailRecipe: Salamander Skin Mail
x70Recipe: Sage's RagRecipe: Sage's Rag
x42Recipe: Elven Mithril TunicRecipe: Elven Mithril Tunic
x45Recipe: Elven Mithril StockingsRecipe: Elven Mithril Stockings
x40Recipe: Leolin's Mold(100%)Recipe: Leolin's Mold(100%)

Bone Scavenger72[2-6]10%
Bone Scavenger72[2-6]9.3%
* Platinum Tribe Shaman70[2-6]5.6%
* Cave Noble Ant39[2-6]4.9%
* Grave Sentinel35[2-4]8.6%
Resurrected Guard66[2-4]7.8%
Alpen Kookaburra65[2-4]7.5%
* Resurrected Guard66[2-4]7.4%
Requiem Behemoth70[2-4]7.4%
Alpen Cougar69[2-4]7.1%
Bloody Knight65[2-4]5.1%
* Past Knight64[2-4]4.4%
Alpen Kookaburra65[1-3]75.9%
* Otherworldly Invader Berserker3528.2%
Treasure Chest5124.3%
Dre Vanul Warrior3223.7%
Taik Orc Seeker52194.4%
Timak Orc Warrior43159.9%
Noble Ant37133.5%
Ant Recruit33129.8%
Giant Crimson Ant28127.4%
Ol Mahum Van Grunt30127.2%
Glass Jaguar27123.4%
* Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier65118.9%
* Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier35117.6%
* Dimension Invader Shaman43115.4%
* Forbidden Path Invader Magus65114.4%
* Forbidden Path Invader Shaman63114.3%
* Purgatory Invader Berserker55114%
* Alpen Kookaburra65113.9%
Kaim Vanul Ladd51113.7%
* Alpen Kookaburra65112.9%
Valac's Guardian Spirit69112.6%
* Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier55112.2%
* Hallate's Royal Guard63111.7%
* Archer of Abyss65111.2%
* Seer of Hallate60110.5%
* Holy Land Monk32110%
Beast Guardian5919.5%
Vampire Magister7319.4%
Sairon's Doll5319.4%
Hames Orc Sniper7218.7%
* Cave Ant Soldier3818.5%
* Bone Maker6618.4%
* Otherworldly Invader Shaman3318.2%
Vampire Magister7318.1%
* Needle Stakato Walker7118%
Fettered Soul3817.5%
Vampire Magister7316.9%
Victory of Splendor6416.9%
* Vale Master5416.7%
* Otherworldly Invader Warrior3316.6%
* Crokian Lad4116.5%
* Mardian4215.7%
Royal Cave Servant5115.4%
* Spiteful Ghost of Ruins5015.1%
* Cave Ant3714.8%
* Vale Master5414.8%
* Marsh Drake5514.8%
* Turek Orc Skirmisher2814.4%
Scout of Plain3614.1%
Ant Overseer3213.9%
Delu Lizardman Special Agent3313.7%
* Pobby5713.6%
Harit Lizardman Shaman5413.5%
* Vale Master5413.5%
Malruk Succubus Turen5613.4%
Cave Ant Larva3613.4%
* Great White Shark4213.1%
* Crokian3612.7%
* Ant Captain3112.7%
Ant Guard3512.7%
Babbling Wind2712.7%
* Breka Orc Warrior3312.6%
Dead Seeker3412.6%
* Plain Watchman3012.5%
Granite Golem3312.4%
* Neer Crawler2812.4%
* Ogre3812.3%
* Ogre3812.3%
* Marsh Stakato2912.2%
* Neer Ghoul Berserker2911.8%
* Dread Wolf3511.8%
* Dread Wolf3511.3%
Dimension Invader Elite Soldier4511/100

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