Iron Ore

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Iron Ore Iron Ore
Grade: none
A material used to make Dwarven items. Can be sold in any shop.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 2
Price 200
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x2Recipe: Wooden ArrowRecipe: Wooden Arrow
x18Recipe: Broad SwordRecipe: Broad Sword
x12Recipe: Willow StaffRecipe: Willow Staff
x20Recipe: BowRecipe: Bow
x55Recipe: Cedar StaffRecipe: Cedar Staff
x80Recipe: DirkRecipe: Dirk
x110Recipe: BrandishRecipe: Brandish
x220Recipe: Short SpearRecipe: Short Spear
x200Recipe: Sword of ReflectionRecipe: Sword of Reflection
x225Recipe: Forest BowRecipe: Forest Bow
x30Recipe: Piece Bone BreastplateRecipe: Piece Bone Breastplate
x5Recipe: SteelRecipe: Steel
x5Recipe: Steel MoldRecipe: Steel Mold
x260Recipe: Iron HammerRecipe: Iron Hammer
x365Recipe: Sword BreakerRecipe: Sword Breaker
x400Recipe: Composition BowRecipe: Composition Bow
x10Recipe: Metal Hardener (100%)Recipe: Metal Hardener (100%)
x5Recipe: Metallic Thread(100%)Recipe: Metallic Thread(100%)

* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier85[27-81]1.6%
* Guardian Archangel74[18-54]2.9%
Tera Beetle80[18-54]1.9%
* Cave Noble Ant39[3-15]10%
* Dimension Invader Shaman43[3-11]6.2%
* Catacomb Liviona44[3-11]4.6%
* Decayed Ancient Knight50[2-10]8.6%
Swamp Warrior44[2-10]8.4%
Dark Knight48[2-8]19.6%
* Zaken's High Grade Watchman45[2-6]22.4%
* Tepra Scarab79[2-6]15.6%
* Lavasillisk83[2-6]14.1%
Tera Beetle80[2-6]12.3%
* Platinum Tribe Shaman70[2-6]11.5%
* Bloody Knight73[2-6]10.9%
* Ketra Orc Seer83[2-6]10.2%
* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier85[2-6]10.1%
* Varka Silenos Great Magus84[2-6]10%
* Hell Keeper Crimson Doll67[2-6]7.3%
* Dark Omen Invader Archer73[2-6]7.3%
* Varka Silenos Magus82[2-6]7.1%
Nephilim Priest51[2-6]7.1%
* Ketra Orc Medium81[2-6]7%
* Hot Springs Flava74[2-6]6.8%
* Pit Archer48[2-6]6.4%
* Hallate's Follower Mul68[2-6]6.4%
* Forbidden Path Invader Magus65[2-6]5.9%
* Forbidden Path Invader Shaman63[2-6]4.6%
* Alpen Kookaburra65[2-6]4.2%
Judge of Light66[2-6]3.7%
* Raider of Pastureland66[2-6]3.2%
Grave Ant74[2-6]2.7%
Blade of Splendor61[2-6]2.3%
* Cave Ant Soldier38[2-4]13.8%
Otherworldly Invader Soldier30[2-4]11.6%
* Spiteful Ghost of Ruins50[2-4]8.2%
Hungry Corpse60[2-4]7%
* Headless Knight50[1-3]60.7%
* Dimension Invader Warrior43[1-3]16.2%
* Bloody Banshee74[1-3]14.3%
Varka's Elite Guard80[1-3]13.3%
* Varka Silenos Shaman79[1-3]10.9%
* Platinum Tribe Soldier67[1-3]10.4%
* Grazing Antelope77[1-3]10.3%
* Alpen Cougar69[1-3]9.3%
* Ol Mahum Transcender58[1-3]8.9%
* Canyon Antelope Slave69[1-3]8.2%
* Unpleasant Shout46[1-3]8.1%
* Vault Overlord45[1-3]7.9%
Guardian Warrior of Elmoreden64[1-3]6.7%
* Cave Ant3727.8%
* Ol Mahum Captain3027.6%
Scout of Plain3626.7%
Cave Ant Larva3625.6%
* Great White Shark4225.1%
Monster Eye Watcher2524.9%
* Akaste Bone Warlord1723.7%
* Kaboo Orc Fighter1023.6%
Greedy Geist3023.5%
Treasure Chest2123.5%
Spirit of Timiniel5523.4%
Baraq Orc Warrior Leader1123.3%
Ruin Bat2023.2%
Spine Golem2223%
* Lesser Succubus Turen2122.9%
* Skeleton Longbowman1922.7%
* Skeleton Hunter1222.6%
* Sukar Wererat Leader1922.2%
* Ghost Guardian2122%
Utuku Orc621.5%
Goblin Lookout821.1%
Elder Prairie Keltir321/107
* Salamander Rowin33187.9%
Ol Mahum Raider27171.5%
* Ol Mahum Van Leader34167.6%
Lafi Lizardman Scout28164.5%
* Ol Mahum General26137.6%
Ol Mahum Supplier23131.5%
* Raging Spartoi22130.8%
Stone Guardian16126.7%
* Lesser Dark Horror15123.6%
Canyon Antelope68123.1%
* Goblin Brigand Leader14122.7%
Crypt Guardian60121.5%
* Ol Mahum Transcender55120.5%
Valac's Guardian Spirit69120.5%
* Bone Slayer68120.4%
Darkstone Golem13120.2%
* Purgatory Invader Elite Soldier55119.8%
* Mist Terror15119.7%
Skeleton Lord15119.3%
* Doom Soldier14118.9%
* Hallate's Royal Guard63118.9%
* Forbidden Path Invader Soldier60118.1%
Poison Araneid25117.8%
* Akaste Bone Soldier12117.8%
Gigant Cleric33117.2%
Elmo-Aden's Maid64116.4%
Bone Scavenger72116.2%
* Holy Land Monk32116.2%
Lith Guard30115.9%
* Death Knight50115.7%
Beast Guardian59115.4%
Vampire Magister73115.3%
Sairon's Doll53115.2%
Bone Scavenger72115.1%
Lith Medium33114.3%
Blade Stakato Drone44114.2%
Hames Orc Sniper72114.1%
* Bone Maker66113.7%
* Ol Mahum Transcender53113.4%
Gigant Footman30113.3%
Vampire Magister73113.1%
* Needle Stakato Walker71113.1%
Chimera Piece72112.2%
Alpen Kookaburra65112.1%
Fettered Soul38112.1%
Requiem Behemoth70112%
Alpen Cougar69111.6%
Otherworldly Invader Discipline33111.3%
Vampire Magister73111.3%
* Vale Master54111%
Requiem Behemoth67110.9%
Glow Wisp67110.9%
* Raider of Pastureland66110.8%
* Leto Lizardman Overlord40110.7%
* Leogul61110.6%
* Crokian Lad41110.6%
* Fiend Archer48110.5%
* Archer of Greed46110.4%
* Otherworldly Invader Soldier3019.9%
* Splinter Stakato Walker6719.9%
Disciple of Pilgrim6219.8%
* Mardian4219.2%
Otherworldly Invader Priest3019%
* Bloody Lord6818.8%
Royal Cave Servant5118.8%
Treasure Chest6618.7%
Bloody Knight6518.3%
Ol Mahum Transcender5018.3%
Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8018.2%
* Sharp Talon Tiger5917.8%
* Vale Master5417.7%
Cave Servant Archer4717.5%
Tanor Silenos Shaman4817.5%
* Fiend Archer4817.4%
Kuran Kobold2717.4%
Cave Keeper5817.1%
Treasure Chest5117%
* Light Worm4117%
* Crimson Drake6116.7%
* Doom Servant6016.7%
Tamlin Orc4116.7%
* Thunder Wyrm5416.5%
* Taik Orc Warrior4216.4%
* Forrest of Mirrors Ghost4716.2%
* Grandis4016.2%
Dre Vanul Warrior3216%
* Pobby5715.9%
* Elder Tarlk Basilisk5115.8%
Harit Lizardman Shaman5415.7%
* Vale Master5415.7%
Marsh Stalker5415.7%
Malruk Succubus Turen5615.6%
* Fiend Archer4815.5%
Warlike Tyrant3515.5%
Treasure Chest3615.4%
Spore Zombie4715.3%
* Monster Eye Destroyer2615.3%
* Drake5715.2%
* Medusa3415%
* Langk Lizardman Warrior1714.9%
Marsh Zombie1314.8%
* Ol Mahum Deserter2314.7%
Salamander Elder1814.6%
Langk Lizardman Lieutenant2214.5%
Mandragora Sprout2014.4%
* Ant Captain3114.4%
Babbling Wind2714.3%
* Kaboo Orc Fighter Leader1214.2%
* Balor Orc Fighter Leader1214.2%
* Werewolf Chieftain1214.2%
Blood Fungus1214.1%
Barbed Bat1214.1%
* Ol Mahum Commander2914.1%
* Enku Orc Champion2114.1%
Kuruka Ratman Hunter1714%
Kaboo Orc Fighter Lieutenant1114%
* Ratman Sub Chieftain1913.9%
* Langk Lizardman Sentinel1913.9%
Kadif Werewolf2513.9%
* Stinger Wasp3013.8%
* Lirein1813.8%
Skeleton Marksman1413.8%
* Misery Skeleton1413.7%
Dungeon Skeleton Archer1313.6%
Ruin Imp1713.6%
* Werewolf Hunter1013.6%
Blade Bat1013.5%
* Marsh Stakato2913.5%
* Undine Noble1913.5%
Zombie Soldier1913.5%
Ol Mahum Patrol2113.5%
* Ruin Imp Elder2113.4%
Redeye Bat1513.4%
* Dre Vanul Tracker2013.4%
Dead Pit Skeleton Archer2513.4%
Wandering Eye2113.4%
* Dre Vanul Slayer2213.3%
Mineshaft Bat1113.3%
* Baar Dre Vanul2013.3%
* Hatu Brown Bear3413.2%
Scavenger Bat1813%
* Baraq Orc Fighter1013%
Balor Orc Lieutenant1113%
Green Fungus912.9%
Evil Eye Watcher1012.9%
Vampire Bat1012.9%
* Zombie Warrior2212.9%
Otherworldly Invader Elite Soldier3012.9%
* Dre Vanul Beholder2112.9%
* Merkenis Escort2012.7%
* Mandragora Sapling2312.7%
* Balor Orc Fighter1012.7%
* Rakeclaw Imp Chieftain1012.7%
Kasha Blade Spider1712.7%
* Tunath Orc Warrior1212.6%
* Akaste Succubus Tilfo2212.5%
Relic Werewolf912.4%
Kasha Spider1512.3%
Tunath Orc Marksman1012.3%
Spore Fungus912.2%
Maraku Werewolf912.2%
Pitchstone Golem1912.1%
Poison Spider1812.1%
Orc Lieutenant1112%
Dark Succubus2012%
* Goblin Brigand Lieutenant1011.8%
Dimension Invader Elite Soldier4511.6%
Kaboo Orc611.5%
Monster Eye1011.4%
Kaboo Orc Grunt711.4%
Rakeclaw Imp Hunter711.4%
Elder Brown Keltir311/107
Elder Keltir311/107
Elder Longtail Keltir311/143
Elder Red Keltir311/143
Black Wolf411/150

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