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Antidote Antidote
Grade: none
A reagent that neutralizes poison.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 20
Price 75
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Antidote (100%)Recipe: Antidote (100%)
Fire Archer29[1-3]13.9%
Marsh Zombie Lord14166.8%
Redeye Bat15161.8%
Shadow Beast15161.8%
Langk Lizardman15161.8%
* Merkenis Escort20161.2%
Vuku Orc14159.4%
Hunter Bear14159.4%
Evil Eye Patroller14159.4%
Goblin Tomb Raider Leader12155.8%
Evil Spirit Warrior24154.1%
Magical Weaver11153.8%
Kaboo Orc Fighter Lieutenant11153.8%
Darkstone Golem13153.7%
Stone Giant13153.7%
Cave Spider15151.5%
* Misery Skeleton14150.5%
Skeleton Hunter Archer13149.2%
Sharuk's Tracker22149%
* Skeleton12147.4%
* Akaste Bone Soldier12147.4%
* Skeleton Hunter12147.4%
Gemstone Beast12146%
Vaiss Orc Warrior Leader11144.8%
Dementia Beast19142.4%
Roxide Cohort29119.1%
Lafi Lizardman27114%
Giant Poison Bee21112.3%
* Arachnid Predator20111.9%
* Young Araneid23111.1%
Giant Crimson Ant28111.1%
Bloody Bee23110.8%
* Nightmare Weaver21110.4%
Ant Larva2919.4%
Kasha Blade Spider1717.1%
* Dark Terror1617%
* Arachnid Tracker1915.8%
Poison Spider1815.5%
Dark Succubus2015.2%
Poison Araneid2513.8%

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