Wooden Arrow

Wooden Arrow Wooden Arrow
Grade: none
An arrow made of wood. It is an arrow used for a no grade bow.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 6
Price 2
Material wood

x500Recipe: Wooden ArrowRecipe: Wooden Arrow
Princess' Guard24[20-60]50.7%
Guard of Kutus22[10-30]91.9%
Warrior Zombie of Farakelsus19[10-30]79.6%
* Giant Spider15[10-30]17.4%
* Grizzly12[10-30]15.7%
Skeleton Lord15[10-30]14.3%
* Balor Orc Fighter10[10-30]13.4%
Spore Fungus9[10-30]11%
Goblin Brigand8[10-30]9.2%
Giant Toad5[10-30]7.3%
Elder Wolf5[10-30]7.2%
Imp Elder7[10-30]7.2%
Ashen Wolf4[10-30]5%
Elder Longtail Keltir3[10-30]3.5%
Prairie Keltir2[10-30]2.3%
Bearded Keltir1[10-30]2.1%
Young Keltir1[10-30]1.6%

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