Healing Potion

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Healing Potion Healing Potion
Grade: none
A magical potion that slowly restores HP. High endurance.
Type Consume type stackable
Weight 5
Price 330
Material liquid

x1Recipe: Healing Potion (100%)Recipe: Healing Potion (100%)
* Doll Blader58[4-8]20%
* Vale master59[4-8]20%
* Pirate Zombie Captain60[4-8]20%
* Pirate Zombie57[4-8]20%
Ol Mahum Van Archer3223.5%
Lith Guard30188.2%
Gigant Footman30188.2%
Barrow Sentinel30178.4%
Otherworldly Invader Soldier30177.1%
Roxide Cohort29155.7%
Ant Overseer32148.6%
Wild Desperado Cohort31142%
* Talakin30140.4%
Delu Lizardman Supplier32135.5%
* Stinger Wasp30129.8%
Breka Orc31128.5%
Delu Lizardman Scout29125.4%
Ant Larva29123.5%
Treasure Chest30122.1%
Freki's Vampire Bat24112.3%
Kael's Bead23111.6%
Sukar Wererat Guard20110%
* Holy Land Monk3219.8%
* Otherworldly Invader Soldier3016%
Ol Mahum Marksman2815.3%
Treasures of the Festival3015%
Treasures of the Festival4115%
Treasures of the Festival3015%
Treasures of the Festival4115%
Rough Hewn Rock Golem3112.2%
* Specter2612.1%
* Marsh Stakato2912.1%
Dead Pit Skeleton Archer2512%
Ol Mahum Van Grunt3011.8%
* Mandragora Blossom2511.7%

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