Sealed Tallum Boots

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Sealed Tallum Boots Sealed Tallum Boots
Grade: a
Sealed Tallum Boots. Its seal can be broken with the help of the Blacksmith of Mammon.
Type none Equip feet
Weight 1130 Durability 90
Crystals 92 Price 1160000
Material blood_steel
Physical Defense 46 Magical Defense 0
MP bonus 0
Demon Kurikups6513.9%
Ghost of the Well Lidia6313.8%
Last Titan Utenus6612.4%
* Platinum Guardian Prefect7411/11765
* Platinum Guardian Warrior7211/14925
* Lesser Ancient Shaman7611/17857
* Malruk Lord6811/18519
Nephilim Archbishop6911/19608
Lilim Soldier6911/21739
Hot Springs Antelope7411/24390
Bound Shaman7211/25000
* Dark Omen Invader Soldier7011/25641
* Eye of Restrainer7111/32258
Conjurer Bat7011/40000
* Needle Stakato7011/50000
Hames Orc Footman7111/50000
Frenzy Stakato Drone7211/50000
Nonexistent Man7811/55556
Treasure Chest7511/66667
Treasure Chest6911/76923
Shaman of Ancient Times7511/76923
* Bloody Lord6811/83333
Soldier of Ancient Times7311/83333

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