Dasparion's Staff

Dasparion's Staff Dasparion's Staff
Grade: a
Bestows one of the following functions: Mana Up, Conversion, or Acumen.
Type blunt Equip Two-Handed
Weight 920 Durability 95
Crystals 1464 Price 18300000
Material adamantaite

Physical Attack 207(20) Magic Attack 143
soulshots x1 spiritshots x1
Critical 4 MP consume 0
Atk. Speed 325 Hit modify 4.00000

Malruk's Witch Sekina6711%
Ancient Weird Drake6511/136
Ghost of the Well Lidia6311/138
* Dark Omen Invader Elite Soldier7511/76923
* Disciples of Punishment7511/83333
* Disciples of Punishment7511/90909
* Grendel Slave7411/111111
Ghost of Gatekeeper7611/125000
Eye of Guide7211/142857
Eye of Pilgrim7411/142857
Carrion Scarab7811/142857
* Homunculus7311/166667
* Ketra's War Hound7711/166667
* Ketra Orc Scout7811/166667
Carrion Scarab7811/166667
* Dark Omen Invader Warrior7311/200000
Ghost of Vassal7711/250000
Bone Scavenger7211/250000
Alpen Cougar6911/333333
* Splinter Stakato Drone6911/333333
* Needle Stakato Walker7111/333333
Bone Scavenger7211/333333
Requiem Behemoth7011/333333
Shrine Guard7511/333333
Dark Omen Invader Food7011/500000
* Heathen Knight6911/1000000
* Heathen Grunt6811/1000000

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